From Filthy to Flawless: Power Washing’s Effectiveness in Cleaning Windows

The power of a water blast can help remove dirt, mildew and mold, as well as paint from a variety of surfaces. Pressure washing is effective on decks, driveways and roofs, but did you know that it can also make your windows shine? This cleaning technique is efficient, and in the hands of a window cleaning professional, it can leave your windows streak-free with no spots or smears.

The first step in getting your windows clean is to turn the pressure washer on a lower setting and spray away any loose dirt, cobwebs and bugs from the surface. Never use a higher than 2,000 PSI and keep the nozzle at least three feet away from the window. This is especially important for windows that have seals and edges, as direct pressure could damage or crack them.

Next, apply your chosen soap/detergent to the glass and windows. You can find pressure washer-approved soap at your local home center or online that is safe for the type of surface you’re washing. Be sure to avoid using too much soap, as it can actually be harmful to the surface you’re cleaning. Once the soap has had time to work, switch back to your white nozzle and rinse it off the windows. Again, be sure to keep the nozzle at least three feet away and start at the top of the window. Don’t forget to rinse the sills and frames, too.

Once the windows have been thoroughly rinsed, it’s a good idea to let them dry completely before you close them. This will prevent any moisture from seeping under the windows and causing damage or rotting over time. Also, it will help prevent water from pooling and promoting the growth of mold or mildew.

After the windows have dried, you can replace the screens and wipe down any remaining window molding. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you might even try removing the window shutters and painting them with a fresh coat of exterior paint. Then, once the weather turns warmer, you can replace the shutters and enjoy your clean windows all summer long.

Windows can be difficult to keep clean, whether it’s from regular dust or stubborn stains. Although it’s possible to wash your own windows with a water hose, this is a job best left to power washing professionals who know how to use the right equipment, the right cleaners and the proper technique for each surface. For example, rust and oil stains can be extremely tough to get rid of without special treatments or specialized power washing methods. However, Reston power washing company can remove both of these types of stains safely and effectively. Contact them today for your free, no-pressure consultation.