Choosing Residential Roofing Colors

When choosing a new roof for a residential property take the time to look at your house and the colors of the roof of similar houses. You should also consider the age of your home as well as its geographical location. The idea is to pick a color that will make your house stand out from the crowd and compliment your interior design. Choosing a new roof color should also be affordable, as it will change the overall look of your home.

Once you’ve chosen a color for your new roof, you can decide which other elements on your home will complement it. The roof color should coordinate with the colors of the brick or stone that will stay in place. If there are no other permanent exterior elements, choose a solid color rather than a contrasting one. In addition, you don’t want your new roof to clash with the color of the rest of your home.

When choosing a color for your new roof, make sure to take into account the surrounding homes. Choose colors that blend in well with the neighborhood but stand out from them a bit. This way, your house will stand out more from the curb. This combination will enhance the curb appeal of your house for years to come. When selecting a new roof, be sure to keep in mind that you can always re-roof or re-siding the home in the future if you decide to move.

Choosing a color that blends with the exterior of your house can also increase its value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Color complements the appearance of a house, so make sure to consider your home’s style and design before making your decision. If you have a traditional house, consider a soft pastel color for your roof. If you’re planning to paint the interior of your home, you’ll want to stick with the same color scheme for the trim and accent pieces.

Shingles can be selected to match your trim color. This will help draw out the color of your entire house. Matching the shingles to the trim will also make your home appear more coordinated. This will allow you to choose a roof color first, then choose trim colors to match. A shingle color should match the color of the rest of the house, so don’t settle for anything less. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be pleasing to the eye.

If your house is in a more natural setting, choose a color that compliments the surroundings. For example, a light gray roof will be complementary with the cocoa brown siding and highlight the greenery surrounding your home. Avoid using too much color, though, as too much can make your home look too bland. You should also keep in mind that different color shades will fade with the seasons and the sun. This is particularly true when choosing a roof color, as this is the most important factor in making a final decision. Professional roofing company in Plano can offer you expert advice on the best roof for your home. So, don’t hesitate to consult with them and make an informed decision.